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Cushion Sets
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Troutman Shaker Rocker Collection
The Coastal Rocker
330 Coastal Rocker
Finishes (Also available Unfinished)
BlackWhiteGerranium RedNew England GreenNew England YellowSeasideHand Rubbed CherryMedium OakNatural
Hunter GreenWhiteNaturalMedium Oak
Double Scoop Seat 18 3/4" x 23"x 16"H
Curved Back 43"H
The Coastal Rocker
The Carolina Rocker
330 Coastal Rocker
430 Classic Rocker
Shown in Geranium Red
Shown in Black
The Plantation Rocker
The Cottage Rocker
930 Plantation Rocker

146 Cottage Rocker

Shown in Charleston Green

Shown in Natural

Our Shaker rocking chairs are timeless in design and style!  We go out of our way to remain sturdy and understated so as not to compete with the style of your home.  It is hard to beat the comfort level of our rocking chairs!  The extra steps we take are why our rockers are handed down generation to generation.

Making a rocker is part science and part art.  As you travel, sit in various rocking chairs and you will notice the difference in the way they sit and rock.  The original Troutman Chair owners had an uncanny knack for putting together a rocker that is more comfortable and moves so much nicer and easier than most rocking chairs we have met!

The 330 Coastal is one of our original rocking chairs.  The design of this rocker has not changed since 1924.  In fact, this rocker sits and rocks so well and is such a staple on porches across the south, that when the time came to increase the size (twice!), special care was taken to keep everything that makes that rocker so great stay the same!  We highly recommend that our customers take a test rock prior to purchasing a rocking chair to make sure the rocker they buy will be most suited for them.  After all, the whole point of purchasing a rocking chair is to actually rock!

Troutman Classic Cane Rockers
490 Classic Cane Rocker
Seat 17 1/2" x 22 3/4" x 16 1/2"H
Curved Cane Back 46 1/2"H
490 Classic Cane Cane
990 Plantation Cane
Shown in
Hand Rubbed Cherry
Shown in Natural

Keeping comfort and quality foremost, these rocking chairs are designed like the shaker rockers. The curved back and the use of hand woven cane seats and backs make this one of our most comfortable rockers. Cane gives just enough to almost make you think you are sitting on an upholstered seat.  Hand woven rocking chairs have long been a staple on many southern porches.

Antique Reproductions
632 Summertime Hill Rocker
WhiteGeranium RedHunter GreenCharleston GreenNew England YellowNew England GreenSeasideCherryMedium OakNatural
Cane Seat 17 1/2" x 22 3/4" x 16 1/2"H
Curved Back 46 1/2"H
The Summertime Hill Rocker
The Vintage Ladder Back Rocker
632 Summertime Hill
636 Vintage Ladder Back
Shown in Black
Shown in White
Arm Detail of the Summertime Hill Rocker
Summertime Hill Side Table
632 Arm Design
670 Summertime
Hill Side Table
Shown in Black

We brought in a few antique rocking chairs and charged our employees with finding the best way to reproduce them using our present manufacturing techniques.   We wanted to keep the back curved and the double scooped seat along with our signature design features which are what make our rocker so comfortable and easy to rock and also allows us to give that “Lifetime Frame Warranty”. 

Our Summertime Hill Rocking Chair (632 shown in black) has the same curved back and cane seat as our traditional Troutman rockers; with the addition of nice turnings on the front posts and front rung, a scalloped curved back, scalloped arms, and spindles inset enough into the two back rails so as not to protrude into your back!  Check out the close up of the scalloped arm which also shows Summertime Hill’s pretty turnings.

The Vintage Ladder Back Rocking Chair (636 shown in white) sports nice and wide curved back rails along with the traditional old fashioned wide arm, and a Troutman double scooped seat, this rocker is very comfortable.

The Summertime Hill Side Table (670 shown in geranium red) is designed to coordinate with the rocking chair of the same name.  Take note of its cute scalloped apron and turnings on the legs which match the rocker.

Aunt Annie's Rocker #7

#7 Ready Rocker

#7 Aunt Annie's Rocker








Also available Unfinished
Double Scoop Seat 13 3/4" x 16 1/2" x 15 3/4"H
Steam Bent Back 32"H

Funny thing about this rocking chair; our owner Champ Land wanted to drop this item and quickly learned that was not an option.  This is a popular rocker especially in the south.  Originally known as a “Nursery rocker” due to its extensive use in churches, schools, and hospital nurseries, this versatile rocker has become so much more to so many!  Some of our employees have grown up using this rocker on their porches to shell peas and shuck corn.  “Pickers” love this rocker as there are no arms to get in the way. It has a steam bent back and that double scoop seat Troutman customers love, Aunt Annie's Rocker sits a little lower, and is very comfortable.  Thus it has been dubbed the “Guitar Rocker” in some circles. 

Here lately this rocking chair has found its way into classrooms for use with students.  It seems that students diagnosed with Autism and ADHD have a need to rock.  Working in a rocker helps the ADHD students stay on task while rocking for an Autistic child helps to calm them.  Visit for more information.

Youth Rockers
52 Youth Rocker
52 Allison Rocker
Finishes (Also available Unfinished)
MidnightCloud WhiteCinnamonNew England GreenNew England YellowSummer SkyMintCotton CandySeasideHand Rubbed CherryMedium OakNatural
Seat 13" x16" x 12"H
Back 31"H
52 Allison Rocker
52 Allison Rocker
52 Allison
52 Allison
Shown in Cloud White
Personalized in Black

Shown in Cinnamon

50 Emilie Rocker
50 Emilie Rocker
50 Emilie
50 Emilie
Shown in Mint
Shown in Natural

We cannot count the number of people who fondly remember their first rocking chair, our Troutman Emilie Rocker (shown in mint).  Built like our adult rocking chairs with the same attention to detail; these children’s rockers chairs are made of solid hardwoods and built to be tomorrows heirlooms.  Many of our employees have the rocking chair their grandmothers had as babies.  For years, Emilie (50) was the only children’s rocking chair we made.  About 5-6 years ago we toyed with making a larger rocking chair for the older toddler through even 6-7 year olds.  This nice ladder back design is what we came up with.  They can be personalized as well!

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